The mission of Men’s Night Out is to provide men with a safe, unassuming atmosphere where they can be ministered to and built up with no strings attached. For three hours, we want the men to be free from the pressures of the world, including their responsibilities to their local churches. It is within this nurturing environment that they enjoy a good dinner, participate in spirited praise and worship and hear God’s Word as they come into the presence of God. We pray that they leave refreshed with burdens lifted from their hearts and minds.  

Men’s Night Out is not connected to any church or organization. Our organization, The Interdenominational Christian Men’s Network, is just that; an interdenominational network of Christian men from many churches, many denominations and many cultures. There are generally between thirty five and forty different churches represented at MNO and usually between five and ten pastors from various churches. The men range in age from 10 to 82. There may be no other place in New England where this occurs on a regular basis. It is of the utmost importance that we maintain the unique character of this gathering.  

The fact that we are not connected to any specific church is a part of the appeal and a part of what makes MNO ‘safe’ for all churches and denominations to come together in unity, and that’s really what it’s all about; Christ ministering to a diverse group of men.  

A large part of the appeal of MNO is that it is a group of men; not a group of Baptist men, not a group of Lutheran men, not a group of Charismatic men, or any other kind of men - just men; hurting men who have been beaten up by the world, by their jobs, by their spouses, etc., looking to rest in the arms of the Savior and the freedom that only He can provide.  

The numbers at MNO are increasing substantially. The men who have been ministered to over the years are answering the call and bringing other men in need of a place like MNO where they can be who they are and where their needs are met. Praise God for the way He is working through this ministry. May He receive all the glory!  

We continue to look forward to providing this vital ministry to men. In the words of Jesus, “Come, all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. 

Men’s Night Out Cancellation and Refund Policy

The Halifax Country Club and ICMN (Interdenominational Christian Men’s Network will make every attempt to safely provide services for the Men’s Night Out events.

In the event of inclement weather, no refund will be given as weather is beyond our control.  Inclement weather conditions constitute any conditions which create unsafe or hazardous driving conditions. These condition may include, but are not limited to snow, ice, flooding, road closures and poor visibility.  ICMN shall not be liable if the event is cancelled due to concerns of safety for country club personnel, ICMN volunteers and those who would be attending the event.  ICMN will also not provide refunds due to the cancellation of event attributed to accidents, government (Federal, State or Municipal) regulations of or restrictions upon travel or transportation, non-availability of food, beverage or supplies, national/state/local emergencies, acts of God and other causes whether enumerated herein or not which are beyond the reasonable control of ICMN or the Halifax Country Club. 

Since ICMN is a 501(c)(3) organization, you may consider this as a donation and contact Peter Rice at for a receipt for your records. Men’s Night Out personal ticket purchases are not a donation under any other circumstances.

In the event of a possible cancellation due to inclement weather, please check the website or tune in to WBZ TV - Channel 4, or check their website, or tune into WSMA 90.5 FM Radio.

Note:  There are no refunds if you are unable to attend an event.